My Plan for the County

  1. Tackle the problem of repeat offenders. Our jails need to be about more than housing people for a period of time and then sending them back to the same situation. We need social workers and counseling available to inmates, as well as education and job placement opportunities. Mental health is a key part of this. We need to establish and fund a program that links law enforcement and social and medical services.
  2. We need both law enforcement and custody reform. Our deputies need more thorough and ongoing training.
  3. We need outreach to our black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) communities. Our Asian neighbors, our Jewish neighbors, and our LBTGQ+ communities need to feel safe.  Our black and brown communities need to feel safe and valued.
  4. The Sheriff’s Office is tens of millions of dollars over budget. We need to tackle our budget issues with common sense solutions. A resolution to these issues has been promised for the past eight years but nothing has changed.  The taxpayers of Santa Clara County deserve better.
  5. We need better cooperation between the Sheriff’s Office and the police departments in our municipalities. Our police are doing a difficult job in our municipalities helping to keep our communities safe, but under the current sheriff, cooperation and communication with our police departments is practically nonexistent. Our local police need our support.

My 20 years of experience give me a unique perspective on solutions to the existing problems. 

We need a Sheriff’s Office that represents us, looks like us and understands us. 

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