The Grand Rapids, Mich., community is dealing with unimaginable pain and loss as another young man of color lost his life during a traffic stop. Patrick Lyoya’s death at the hands of police in Michigan last week was tragic and avoidable, but what should we expect at this point? The Michigan State Police will now investigate the incident. Knowing what I know, and after watching all of the videos of what transpired, here is what we should expect.

They will evaluate the incident and determine that Patrick resisted arrest. They will acknowledge the officer may have made some mistakes but ultimately responded appropriately. He will state he was in fear for his life. No charges will be brought. The city will eventually settle with the family of Patrick Lyoya for wrongful death. Then we will wait for the next person to be killed by a member of law enforcement. Just as we did after Eric Garner, George Floyd, Brionna Tayler, Erik Salas-Sanchez,and on and on.

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