As your new Sheriff, my first priority will be an independent and thorough review of law enforcement practices and management of our county jails.  The tragedies in our jails over the past six years is the most glaring example of the need for common sense reforms. 

I support the need for a civilian watchdog to audit law enforcement practices and management of our county jails.

Our deputies need support in the form of more thorough and ongoing training. 

The Sheriff continues to ward off efforts by the County Supervisors to implement the reforms that were recommended. 

Our jails need to be about more than housing people for a period of time and then sending them back to the same situation. 

We need social workers and counseling available to inmates, as well as education and job placement opportunities. Mental health is a key part of this.  We need to establish and fund a program that links law enforcement and social and medical services.

We also need to rebuild trust with the community and implement education outreach prior to someone becoming part of the system.